New WordPress Version

Well, I updated to the new wordpress version, and it messed a few things up… most of it transparent to everyone else, but one thing, the image browsers (with next/previous buttons) don’t work anymore. It’s a problem with the plugin NextGEN Gallery, but I can’t do anything about it until they release a new version of it.

There are more photos on the way, Jenny’s Laptop bit the dust tonight, so I have to set up on one of the other machines. Expect more photos this weekend!

Ordering Prints

If anyone wants prints of the photos that we have here, or wants to print themselves, let us know which photo you want and I’ll e-mail the high resolution version to you so you get the best quality. The photos that are hosted at are at maximum 1280×960… only high enough for a mediocre quality 4″x6″ print. If you want larger print, I can e-mail the 3264×2448 version (~3MB) that’ll give you a better print up to around 8″x10″. I’ve also been doing a bit of photoshopping so I can smooth skin and touch up photos for some great shots.

Thanks to an awesome donation, I can soon start hosting the photos here at the site itself, and have the hi-res copies available directly from the site, so no waiting, but I spent so much time on the pages that it almost hurts to scrap it and start again… but I will :)

Site Updates

As you can see, a lot has changed on the site today… I’ve tweaked and probed it all day (in between dirty diapers) but still have a lot to do, especially with the photo galleries. I’m planning to have it all hosted here on the site so it’s accessible from anywhere.

Register your own account on the site, we won’t sell you e-mail to spammers, and your password will stay encrypted. If you want to contribute content to the site, let me know and I’ll upgrade you to a contributor so you can post.

Please bear with me as I tweak pages. If something looks out of whack, try again later and hopefully I’ve fixed it. Also, let me know if you need something fixed!