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Testing this iPhone app

Just wanted to test iPhone app… Got the family visiting.

Geotagging is about a block off our actual location, which could make finding directions interesting.

New Site Layout

Well, I got tired of the plain old blue site a while back, and looked around a little until I found this theme. What do you all think? I like the larger set of pictures on the right, and the larger Tag Cloud.

I’m going to be working on too, to add to my list of websites I’m looking after. There’s a preview of the new site at You might also check out, another of my sites.

Video Test!

Just testing out the new video function of the site… hope you all enjoy…

[kaltura-widget wid=”st563nhshg” width=”400″ height=”290″ type=”dark” addPermission=”-1″ editPermission=”-1″ /]

This was Chase at ~3 months, his first week eating.

New WordPress Version

Well, I updated to the new wordpress version, and it messed a few things up… most of it transparent to everyone else, but one thing, the image browsers (with next/previous buttons) don’t work anymore. It’s a problem with the plugin NextGEN Gallery, but I can’t do anything about it until they release a new version of it.

There are more photos on the way, Jenny’s Laptop bit the dust tonight, so I have to set up on one of the other machines. Expect more photos this weekend!

New Photos Nov 22

A Few more photos of Chase, and Jenny, and a chance to test out my new photo plugin. So far so good! There are also some new photos on the photos page of the 10,000 Eisa Dancer Festival that we went to earlier this year, where Jenny ran into an old friend…