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So it’s been a while, but I finally got around to adding some more photos. Just January 2010 for now, but I want to get all the way up to today done this week!

January 2010

Dec Photos, New Camera, College

Christmas 2009So we lost another camera… and decided maybe something a little bigger would be harder to lose. We figured a Canon EOS Rebel T2i should be just about big enough to keep track of. How about a preview of the photos this thing takes:


I start school this week (finally!) First classes are some pre-reqs that I need to take before I dive into the core classes for my “Computer and Information Science / Management Studies” double major. Apparently I can’t take any more elective classes due to all the junk classes I took almost 10 years ago. Oh well, guess the basket weaving class will have to wait :)

Chase Oct-Nov 09 Photos

Finally got around to posting some new photos:

Chase Oct-Nov 2009

Gimme Da Cookie!

October’s Photos are finished, now moving on to November… I’ve given in and just decided to batch resize all these point and shoot photos… the good ones will come from our new 18MP DSLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i :) .

Overdue Updates!

2 New Photo Galleries!

Chase Jun-Sep 09 : 102 New Photos!

Shurijo Castle Park: 40 New Photos!

Sorry it’s been a while! More pictures for October coming soon!

Video Test!

Just testing out the new video function of the site… hope you all enjoy…

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This was Chase at ~3 months, his first week eating.