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Video Test!

Just testing out the new video function of the site… hope you all enjoy…

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This was Chase at ~3 months, his first week eating.

Linkin Park Meet & Greet

Just thought I’d share the photo from the Linkin Park Meet

& Greet:

More photos of Chase coming soon!

More Chase and More SCUBA

I found some photos that I skipped over some how, some cute ones in here too!

Chase Apr-May 2009
Chase Apr-May 2009

Yester I had te chance to dive the USS Emmons, a Gleaves-class destroyer the was sunk in a battle during WWII. It was hit by 5 Japanese Kamikazes, before the crew decided to sink her rather than let it fall into enemy hands. This was by far my deepest dive yet, at 125 ft. Everyone told me that the top edge is right at 130ft, so I was surprised when I was able to enter the boat at 125 and swim around! more info

Here is some history of the boat: USS Emmons. It was only a 22 minute dive because of the depth, so I’m definitely going back some time soon! We took about an hour surface interval then hit a reef on the south side of Kouri Island before calling it a day. Here are the shots:

USS Emmons and Kouri Island Reef

These were taken with my new Point and Shoot Intova IC-10 underwater camera, since I flooded my Olympus C7070. They didn’t come out bad, I’m pleasantly surprised considering it cost less than half what the C7070 cost. A strobe would give me good setup!

2009 Professional Family Photos

I woke up in the midle of the night tonight, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I thought I’d work on scanning these photos in for everyone… that was like 3 hours ago :roll: . The photograher used textured photo paper to make it harder to scan, but I wasn’t gonna let it beat me. I had to scan each image twice (once upside down) Rotate the upside down photo and merge the layers, I guess it works because it gets a good scan of each side of each little bump. The only one I had real trouble with is the one of Chase by himself, no mater what I did, couldn’t get all the grain out. Anyway, here you go:

If you want large resolution copies for printing, let me know, and I’ll e-mail them, or post to Flickr.