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Miemaw and Grandpa Davis’ Visit

Miemaw and Grandpa are here, (Wayne and Susan) and taking in the local culture, and of course getting acquainted with their new grandson. Here are a few photos that we’ve taken so far!

Notice that Susan has managed to pick something up with her chopsticks and Wayne hasn’t 😀

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SCUBA Page and Photos

I uploaded a lot of SCUBA photos and posted them as a seperate page. Go Check it out! Let me know what you think of my photos!


New Photos Nov 22

A Few more photos of Chase, and Jenny, and a chance to test out my new photo plugin. So far so good! There are also some new photos on the photos page of the 10,000 Eisa Dancer Festival that we went to earlier this year, where Jenny ran into an old friend…

Ordering Prints

If anyone wants prints of the photos that we have here, or wants to print themselves, let us know which photo you want and I’ll e-mail the high resolution version to you so you get the best quality. The photos that are hosted at are at maximum 1280×960… only high enough for a mediocre quality 4″x6″ print. If you want larger print, I can e-mail the 3264×2448 version (~3MB) that’ll give you a better print up to around 8″x10″. I’ve also been doing a bit of photoshopping so I can smooth skin and touch up photos for some great shots.

Thanks to an awesome donation, I can soon start hosting the photos here at the site itself, and have the hi-res copies available directly from the site, so no waiting, but I spent so much time on the pages that it almost hurts to scrap it and start again… but I will :)

Long Night

5 Diapers,

4 Blankets,

3 Sleepers,

2 Bedsheets,

And Only 1 Baby…

It was a long night!